evolta Values

Unsere Werte

We believe in the importance of individual personalities in organisations. We see groups and organisations as forms of the co-functioning of individuals, where special dynamics apply.

In our experience a great majority of people in organisations want to find meaning in what they do and to make their personal contributions towards their organisations´ success.  A sense of purpose will make them perform better and develop further.

Therefore it is our strong belief that organisations will be most successful if they manage to match their striving for success with their employees´ striving for meaning in their professional lives.

Leadership to us basically means achieving sustainable results through further developing people and organisations. This is achieved by taking clear decisions even under uncertainty, accepting responsibility for one´s actions including their consequences, setting personal examples, and a shared creation of meaning. Credibility and authenticity emerge from a self- aware personality shining through the leader´s role.

Handling and gauging the flows of energy (motivational, performing, emotional, etc), which we perceive as a fundamental resource in individuals, groups, and organisations, is an important leadership task. In this, emotionality as a source of energy can be even more important than rationality or intellectuality. We consider this aspect of leadership to be one of the big challenges for leaders in the 21st century, and we give it higher attention than it usually receives. To us monitoring a healthy energy balance for themselves and their people is a leader´s responsibility.

Our experience shows that most people, if they want to learn and are given the opportunity, will. This applies to intellectual, emotional, and behavioural knowledge and skills. Learning to us means integrating new capabilities and skills into a personality on their path of development.

Trust makes a lot of people learn and grow faster. Therefore we are convinced that the most efficient approach to increase an organisation´s productivity is trust – not limitless and foggy, but well-defined in scope and expectations.

We pay our sincere respect to people and organisations for the achievements they are making in our age of rapid change. Accordingly, change processes have our special attention. In their course, with all professionality applied, it is often impossible to avoid drastic measures. However, people always should be treated with sincerity and respect.

In our own work with our clients we feel that apart from providing high-class services the contracting process is the next important aspect. We therefore strongly emphasize a shared understanding of the issues and possible solutions, clearly defined tasks, roles, and responsiblities, and setting evaluation criteria for a project between our clients and ourselves right from the start.

We also apply our concepts of top quality and trust in our cooperation schemes with our consulting and training partners. Our attitude is one of fairness and respect, and we continually review quality levels in our cooperation schemes in order to insure continuous high-level performance.

We particularly esteem clients and cooperation partners who have a high level of cooperation competence and a good sense of humour.