Growing in Leadership - Power and Credibility

Case Study: Leadership Culture Reloaded

Organization: Middle-sized business in food and beverage industry

Situation: Starting with the objective to immediately bring a fresh breeze into a traditional Austrian enterprise the new employed managing director emphasizes on establishing a more open leadership culture, reorganizing “old” processes and conquering new markets. To his surprise the newly found enthusiasm in the team starts degrading after some weeks into business as usual and fresh ideas disappear into the thicket of bureaucracy. The manager asks for our evolta support on how to re-motivate the team.

Growing in Leadership: The most importing insight of our analysis of the current situation is to stop action-taking and to reduce speed in changing – these being the typical mistakes and greatest stumbling blocks in leadership transition – and to learn more about the existing leadership culture. It also turns out – after conducting an employee’s survey and a management team workshop – that the prevailing culture could best be described as a patriarchal one, functioning by “telling” people what to do, instead of letting them “participate”. Up till now there had not been enough room for and experience in self-determined decision making.

Power and Credibility: Changing from a directive leadership culture to a more participative one can only be accomplished step by step. Based on the development of a new mission and leadership statement  the management team discovers in an additional workshop new areas of activities, improves their communication with the whole staff and implements conducive reforms. Complemented by our support appraisal interviews with all employees are conducted, new communication and interactive office spaces are established. In their annual strategic meeting review shows that the new culture finally has settled in.

Methods: Analysis and Diagnostics by employees survey on leadership culture, Teambuilding with focus on mission statement, Executive Coaching with focus on role clarification and leadership transition