Analysis and Diagnostics (quantitative and qualitative)



For interventions and solutions to be really effective and sustainable a thorough exploration of the reasons and underlying sources of a given challenge are essential at evolta. In our first analysis and survey of needs a broad range of hypotheses are created that reveal more or less complex interrelations, help to build a mental landscape, develop a shared problem awareness, and create readiness for action.


Qualitative Approaches

  • Face-to-face interview (open, narrative)
  • Individual and team interviews (semi-structured)
  • Projective and analogue approaches: e.g. group sociogram, positioning, working with pictures, symbols, and metaphors


Quantitative Approaches

  • Management and leadership diagnostic tools based on business psychology (under licence)
    • STAB (behavioural attitudes and preferences)
    • Career Anchor (career biography and motivational profile)
    • CAPTain (performance behaviour)
    • PEP (potential evaluation program)
    • PSA (personality structure analysis)
  • Organization and employee attitude surveys – tailored by evolta using a web-based survey tool (statistics by S&P Diagnostics) for
    • Leadership, communication, and information culture
    • Organization culture including informal elements
    • Strategy development and -implementation
    • Team development and behaviour
    • Social competencies (e.g. motivation, conflict, error culture)
    • Research projects on special subjects