Designing Interventions



Various kinds of interventions, events and training courses can be used for a broad range of themes to provide impulses, tackle specific issues, and develop possible solutions. Typical examples are workshops, seminars, group, and company events, etc. Focussing on our client´s requests and guided by evolta values we jointly design a script containing suitable interventions and sequences that can be implemented by our client with or without our direct support.


Design Development

Following an exploration of the objectives, the targeted audience, the available facilities and the current operational and strategic challenges (Analysis and Diagnostics), the expected results are defined jointly. We start with a preliminary design and format proposal, while final planning results in specification of the core contents and a selection of suitable didactic elements. Each intervention is followed by a review and evaluation.


Didactic Elements

  • Individual, small and large group work
  • Presentations, impulse videos, theory inputs
  • Role plays and exercises with group dynamics
  • Analog methods: pictures, symbols, metaphors, constellation work
  • Discussions, reflection, and feedback rounds
  • Work on real life cases, i.a. using case method
  • Exchange of experience, networking
  • Back home assignments