Executive Coaching



Through executive coaching, performed as face-to-face or online coaching for job-related questions, evolta works with its clients to develop tailor-made solutions for urgent management and leadership issues and on strategies for their own professional positioning. As a sparring partner and trustworthy person, the coach helps to recognize exactly the core of the challenges ("problems") in a "neutral situation" and finds the turning point that generates a maximum change effect with a minimum of energy input.


Appreciative Approach

A respectful and appreciative approach to our clients´ achievements and personality has always been the foundation of our mindset and attitude in our twenty years of executive coaching experience (evolta values). Complementary to an analysis of business elements (strategy, structure, processes, positions) we focus on developing a shared trust base which allows embarking on deeper personal levels (personal history, skills and abilities, relations, emotions, etc.). Our evolta coaching concept is a systemic solution-oriented, multidisciplinary approach that integrates several methods and provides current management know-how. Our main concern is to support personal reflection in a surrounding of depth and sensitivity in order to allow new options and solutions to come into being. Still we keep an eye on time efficiency.


Core Application Fields

  • Role security in management and leadership success and crises
  • Personal orientation, positioning and career “balance sheet”, career development
  • Working on current management challenges
  • Taking over new functions, leadership transition
  • Strategic and micro-political management, networking
  • Leading people: performance potential and development, appraisal interviews, etc.
  • Team development and reorganization
  • Social competencies: communication, emotions, conflicts, motivation
  • Self, time, and energy management (burnout prevention)
  • Performance management, work-life-balance
  • Organizational development, strategy, and change management