Focused Short Workshops



Experience shows that even for complex problems with a strong emotional content a first starting point towards solutions can be found faster than expected, if a common platform for dialogue is established, that consists of a clear set of weighted and prioritized hypotheses about the challenge on the one hand and a group of committed people working on them on the other.


Reducing Complexity

Focused Short Workshops are one of our special evolta approaches to complex situations, where problems show fairly intransparent in various layers, and starting with a solution process is particularly urgent. By way of a short phase of analysis we develop our hypotheses and an image of a “disentangled problem landscape” and follow a process of “peeling out” a core issue. This is then used as a platform for cooperation with people involved to find a first starting point for solutions, in order to set free energies toward a broader and more structured process.


Core Application Fields

  • Strategic “surprise” scenarios
  • Issues of high urgency
  • Cooperation conflicts
  • Managing crossover points and/or interfaces
  • Working atmosphere threatening to disrupt operations
  • Can be deployed as a small-scale OD intervention