Leadership Training Programs



Leadership training programs in the form of a sequence of two or more modules allow for a continuous, content framed process that fosters leadership knowledge and skills by way of personal experience. evolta facilitates programs in which the sharing of learnings in a group over a longer period of time leads to interpersonal exchange at great depth. As participants experience themselves as members of a small organization structure (the training group), they receive open and direct feedback on their personal and team strengths and learning fields.


Course Structure

The evolta design for typical leadership training programs for top and middle managers consist of 3-5 modules of 2-4 days each, based on the client’s objectives, core themes and elements, and participant’s expectations – thus creating a common thread. Our role and responsibility as consultants and trainers lies within the design of modules, presentation of management models through theory inputs as well as selecting the appropriate didactic elements. Our participants are asked to make active contributions by sharing their expectations, personal themes and issues. They should also have the courage and involvement to try out new behaviour in a lab atmosphere of mutual support.


Core Application Fields

  • Leadership, management and role perception
  • Self perception, reflection and control
  • Communication and discourse, feedback
  • Social competencies: emotions, conflict, motivation
  • Leading people and relationship management
  • Team development and leadership
  • Future work, strategy, and change management


Didactic Elements

  • Individual, small and large group work
  • Presentations, impulse videos, short theory inputs
  • Role plays and exercises, group dynamics
  • Analog methods: pictures, symbols, metaphors, constellation work
  • Discussions, exchange, reflection and feedback rounds
  • Work on real life cases and projects, i.a. using case method
  • Peer groups for transfer between modules
  • Meetings with top management (“fireside chat”)
  • Back home assignments