Management Consulting



Hard facts and numbers lie at the root of every successful business, and there are a number of important concepts and tools in planning and budgeting, marketing, controlling, performance management and other fields. The extra benefit will be reaped if those tools are developed, introduced, applied, and further amended in a way that data, tools, and numbers support a good leadership culture.


Optimizing Business Tools for Leadership

This is a service that is derived from our evolta experience in general management from a holistic view and our evolta values and is mainly targeted at owner/managers of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Here we work on critical interfaces such as controlling structures and their connection with strategic and marketing issues, or their effects on leadership systems. In this, we do not attempt to replace and/or usurp the contributions of other specialists such as lawyers or tax advisors, but when our approach has been successful, the company uses tools that have been optimized for use on and with people.


Core Application Field

  • Whenever a number-oriented business tool is introduced, redressed, or replaced that is intended for use in operations throughout the management levels of an organization.