Organisational Development and Change Management



Especially when there are fundamental strategic changes in product ranges, locations, processes, structures etc. nothing will ever function unless the human aspect is brought in. That means taking into account people´s attachment to established routines, their curiosity about new experiences, their reluctance to learn, their enthusiasm for innovation, their fears and their desire for purpose and meaning in what they do – simply all that profound human variety.


Getting to the Heart of Change

To us both organisation development (OD) and change management traditions are deeply connected as in our experience controlled change will be supported by a lot of the time-honed thinking models, concepts, and tools provided by OD. In the change field we tailor our designs on clients´ needs in terms of scope, urgency, and resources. One of the fascinating aspects about change is that nobody ever buys a “change program” – change usually is hidden behind such more tangible elements as strategy implementation, reengineering, reorganization, or simply cost-cutting. This explains the fact that quite often it is not clear from the start to those in charge of proceedings whether the introduction of something “different” into the organization really means heavy-weight change or just a “normal project”. For this case we have developed a quick-check tool for change as a decision aid. This framework or “change map” developed by evolta relies on a modular structure, quick adaptability, and easy handling.


Core Application Fields

  • Selectively – whenever there is a need to attune speeds of processes with development speeds of various types of actors involved.