Strategy Development and Implementation



The benefit of knowing where you want to go and how you intend to get there is fairly obvious to organizations today, even though the often-conjured turbulent globality of business life may force organizations into a new mindset with strategy development and implementation running almost in parallel, or with changes in operations immediately and continually being checked for their strategic implications. A situation like this highlights again the role of strategy implementation as conveying goals and directions into operations and actions – only an implemented strategy is a real strategy.


From Helicopter to Down-to-Earth

Since “strategy” and “strategic” have become everyday expressions they have turned into some of the broadest of terms for content and meaning that people attribute to them. Therefore we first clarify with our clients in any kind of strategic orientation what their basic concept of “strategy” really is. Because of the speed of implementation following strategy (see above) our approach is one of continual oscillation between a helicopter/strategic view and a clear and down-to-earth how-to-do level of operations. We select those tools from the classic strategy tool-box (from Ansoff to Blue Ocean etc.) that will be most helpful to develop a profound understanding of markets´ mechanics in a global context even under time constraints. In implementing strategy evolta sees and deploys appropriate leadership as the most important transforming conveyor belt among all levels in an organization, top-bottom and bottom up.


Core Application Fields

  • Wherever and whenever there is an issue of overarching goals and paths to be taken, plus the questions of how to get things done under constraints of time, funding, and limited capacity.