Teambuilding and Teamcoaching



Teamwork has become a vital success factor in most organizations today, as hardly anyone can hope to do without interdisciplinary efforts. For teams to reach their goals in a spirited and efficient way an atmosphere of good cooperation and relationships must be established and continuously cultivated. Outstanding performance can only be achieved if obstacles like communication difficulties, lack of role clarity, knowledge and motivation deficits, rivalries, unsatisfactory processes and interfaces, negative feedback culture, etc., are put on the table and possibly eliminated at an early stage.


Creating New Perspectives

Evolta custom-made teambuilding and teamcoaching helps all members to develop and share a fresh view at “old hats”, a mutual understanding instead of perpetuating the same old games, optimize processes, and create space for new ideas. Getting together in a “neutral zone” provides insight into people’s emotions and lets them discover new resources and ideas. In this, the main focus lies on a creating commitment and finding solutions that can be implemented immediately into each participant’s daily business.



  • Teamcoaching for small groups
  • Teambuilding with several participants
  • Large group events


Core Application Fields

  • Team start and/or merger
  • Annual strategic orientation and alignment
  • Change processes and reorganisation
  • Managing crossover points and/or interfaces
  • Communication and information culture
  • Team leadership, team roles and performance
  • Optimizing processes and workflow
  • Managing motivation, energy and conflict
  • Building of trust and commitment