Purpose in Performance - Energy Management

Case Study: Resistance to strategic Reorganisation

Organization: German technology corporation

Situation: The ever growing speed of international market and technology development is leading the company towards implementing a large-scale change process with external consultants – causing all previous structures, processes and positions to be newly defined. As the roll-out into the whole organization starts, one of the key areas is reacting with great uncertainty in implementation up to the point of open resistance of some executives. The head of executive board engages evolta to design a process in order to harmonize the different entrepreneurial actions again.

Purpose in Performance: Analyzing the underlying causes for resistance in our first workshop shows that the case for action has been accepted by all involved, but that the ensuing structural reorganization had not been openly discussed and committed. Leading to a total rearrangement of the current power dynamics and positions in this key department, this change has as a downwelling consequence on all leadership responsibilities unto every operational level. Power play and threats do not change the stakeholder’s minds; only by listening to their concerns and interests do they start to accept the purpose of their new organizational structure.

Energy Management: Continuous meetings and dialogues supported by evolta include appreciating past successes and organisational structures, preserving some of the good old ways that are still useful, and integrating the former opponents and their input as important resources. Conflicts are discussed, and in the majority of cases solved, and everyone agrees on a joint and meaningful structure. This investment in teambuilding furthers everyone having one goal mind, and a new energy and high motivation boosts.

Methods: Management Consulting, Organisation Development and Change Management, Moderation and Facilitation