Untying Knots – Finding New Ways

Case Study: Regional Sovereigns and international Strategy?

Organization: International finance corporation in Austria/CEE/SEE

Situation: Because of rapid growth of business in CEE/SEE the regional country managers are acting as “regional sovereigns” ruling within their own structures and processes. Instead of international alignment chaos prevails in every joint meeting. The new established “Regional Manager for CEE/SEE” – our client – is assigned to harmonize these different perspectives into a corporate, international strategic orientation. He asks for our support on how to put all these stakeholders on “the right track”.

Untying Knots: In our first coaching session we focus on analysing the possible range of reactions of the “regional sovereigns” to loss of power, and their assumed reasons for emotional resistance. In order to establish a positive contact with these regional managers our client conducts personal interviews with each stakeholder that focus on appreciating their personal engagement and performance, as well as their cultural background and the history of each region. Simultaneously they are agreeing on new goals and main topics for a first international strategy meeting.

Finding new Ways: The first strategy meeting is designed in a way that the new “Regional manager for CEE/SEE” is showing a lot of dynamic leadership and thus establishing himself in his new role. Similarities, differences and structural conflicts within the group of “regional sovereigns” are addressed and discussed in a helpful manner. After the first main issues are settled the new strategic orientation and alignment is shared, discussed and committed. Some weeks later a review with him shows that all the managers are “on track”.

Methods: Executive Coaching, analysis of the Austrian and CEE/SEE business development, role design and positioning as „Regional Manager”, international and intercultural management tools, designing interventions and events