Check Your Career and Professional Positioning: "Evolve Your Uniqueness"

Your sparkling moment is lightening up, when
we evolve your inner power and focus and thus
solve your job positioning and job challenges. It
creates new security, orientation and positive
energy for yourself and the people around you.
Through the Personal-Strategy-Profile process,
based on 25 years of my consulting experience,
we will create in a humorous dialogue, with up-
to-date management know-how and career
psychology, your new professional strategy and
your personal career-profile.



Marion Hofinger
Senior Coach

External Analysis: Where do I stand today? Internal Analysis: Who am I? Vision: Where do I want to go? Core Competencies: What is my specialty? Review: Where do I come from?

Environmental analysis and job-landscape,
key stakeholders

Personal type-profile,
professional role

Future vision
and scenarios,
strategic steps

SWOT-analysis and strategic positioning

Personal career biography,
values and attitudes


As a manager, leader, expert or entrepreneur you want to…

› strengthen your personal motivation and professional position
› recharge your typical behavior with new success strategies
› sort out old routines and discover your new clear focus
› take your job decisions from a stance of inner power
› feel new energy and certainty in creating your professional future

Senior Coach / Consultant

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